When I was first introduced to the mainframes back in 2019, resources are all over the place. Back in 2021, I decided to make a list to all the beginner-friendly resources that I am familiar with to allow everyone to join the field.

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Last updated: 11 March 2023


Community played a huge part in influencing my decision to stay in this field. I still remember being astonished seeing people with decades of experience helping and welcoming new people in the field. I hope you’ll find it the same.


The mainframe field used to be associated with the absence of training resources, but those days are long gone. There are a lot of learning resources - both free and paid - which allow someone to be acquainted with the field. In fact, there are so many free learning resources that I put a dedicated page solely for them.


Attending events would not only allow you to network with others, but also learn from others. There are a lot of mainframe-related events held yearly, and who knows, maybe we’ll see you as a speaker soon.


It is undeniable that we need fresh talent in the mainframe field, this so-called “IT’s Best Kept Secret”. You can help the field by advocating for it, spreading the news to get more people to learn about this amazing technology.


There are a few mainframe swags store available online. Check it out and rock your mainframe swags!