The materials listed on this site are all provided for free. However, you will need to create an IBMid to access most of them - and there are a few materials which are limited to active students from accredited institutions. Many of the IBM Learning Platform courses are also available on Coursera and/or edX. However, for both Coursera and edX, you will need to pay to obtain a certificate. All materials are self-paced unless indicated otherwise.

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Last updated: 17 February 2024

Introductory Materials

For someone new to the field, I would advise you to try out the IBM Z Xplore learning system. It came with complementary access to a z/OS instance for training, and would serve as the perfect introduction for someone new to mainframe.

There are also some IBM Redbooks video courses. While these does not provide a badge and/or certificate, it is still a valuable resources to learn from experts in the field.

The following material is exclusive for students from accredited academic institutions.

DevOps on Z Toolings

If your shop happened to use IBM’s DevOps tools, here are several resources which may be useful for you.

Specialized Materials

Materials in this section are often times specialized in nature, and would be more advanced than the introductory materials.

Non-Mainframe Materials

There are also other materials that may help you in your career, despite not being directly related to mainframes.

The following material is exclusive for students from accredited academic institutions.

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